Capital Structure Requirements

Whether existing or prospective, capital structure within an organization can help foster growth or stifle current operations.  Structure, revolving working capital requirements, terms and timing are just as important as pricing and product placement, so we perform a needs assessment of working capital and review all financing tools and alternatives before advising on the best way to structure financing for the future growth of your company.  Often, we also assist in introducing companies to the proper source of funding.

Organizational Effectiveness

What is the optimal structure for one company may not be optimal for you.  We formulate a plan to help determine appropriate structure, integration and outsourcing options, and benchmark certain performance milestones and deliverables with appropriate time constraints to provide you with a System Map to navigate current and future opportunities at an optimal level.

Staff Effectiveness

Much like organizational effectiveness, we help assess your current personnel and their individual and group skill sets, looking for capabilities, requirements and proper alignment that are consistent with your operational objectives, both now and into the future.


We help companies address business integration issues and research business process enhancements at each stage of the business cycle to assure that the company’s mission, goals and objectives are properly aligned with the organizational structure and management initiatives.  Then, we help assure that the tasks needed to accomplish your mission are properly defined and assigned to increase the probability of success within your projects.

Positioning or Re-positioning

Sometimes markets change or become disruptive due to changing market conditions or technological advancements.  When they do, we assist companies in assessing current and future market opportunities, re-assessing their competitive landscape, and aligning the company and its products or services to maximize its present competitive situation.  We then team with you to craft a successful game plan and investigate new market opportunities based on your changing climate.

Opportunity Searches

We assist companies in identifying smart strategies within their respective industries for potential joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and help analyze and quantify go-forward strategies and turnaround opportunities based on the unique opportunities that have been uncovered

Due Diligence

When a company is making a strategic acquisition, we assess the deal structure, perform strategic and confirmatory due diligence, evaluate product positioning, quantify management strengths and weaknesses, and investigate the macroeconomics of the industry.

Transaction Assessment

Usually it takes several iterations of deal structure before the best alternatives surface.  We evaluate the current business alignment as well as the present financial terms and conditions, perform empirical assessments on the present or proposed deal structure and competing structures, and assist in designing or re-designing the best alternative.  In addition, we perform an evaluation on current and prospective management capabilities, debt financing, benchmarking current and pro-forma operational performance and validate the current and projected business models.

Growth Strategy Assessment

We help you identify key target market opportunities that are complementary to your existing product line or services, and project financial analysis based on key assumptions of the deal structure to properly assess the best method of acquisition, alliance and implementation.

Implementation of Market Strategy

Often, a company that excels in the manufacturing of a product has difficulty properly defining how to get the product to market.  Or vice versa.  We clarify the relative strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s product mix and provide guidance on items such as segment focus, design, distribution channels, development, private labeling and outsourcing opportunities.

Product Development/Quality

By introducing quality controls and enhanced measuring tools, we can help companies improve product quality and productivity.  Additionally, we will appraise current research and development efforts, pricing structures and market driven price and quality points to assure proper product positioning and industry price elasticity.

Operational Improvement

After benchmarking current operational procedures, we provide a road map for best practices in management oversight, purchasing, outsourcing, manufacturing, technical support, research & development, customer relations management and lean manufacturing criteria.  After determining the proper System Map and operational model, we provide project management tools to navigate the best plan for improvement through internal enhancements, strategic alliances, partnerships or joint ventures.

New Business Growth Opportunities

We can help you build new businesses based on your novel and proprietary ideas and concepts.  Our ability to analyze new products and services, drill into and intimately understand that sector of the industry, and properly advise you with our findings is paramount to overall company success.