Thank you for visiting Oxford Holdings, a limited liability company offering private capital funding.  Oxford was founded on three principles: minimized bureaucracy, close working relationships, and a fanaticism for optimal results. When properly aligned, our success is measured by your success.

We are looking for truly unique investments that matter.  We tend to think in new and creative ways when offering investment solutions so, rather than a generic formula filled with boilerplate “solutions”, we’d rather start with some meaningful dialogue with you, a blank sheet of paper and some fresh ideas.  Our solutions are derived from a fundamental understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing management.  As we begin to work with you, dreams materialize and plans are formulated, allowing your company to embark on a new path specially designed to maximize its strengths and give it the best opportunity for future success.

Established in 1999 as an outgrowth of our own private investments, we are intentionally small and highly selective in our long-term investment strategy.