Candidly, we did not set out to have a management consulting division.  It is an outgrowth of our successful private equity investment division.  Frequently companies and entrepreneurs initially approach us as prospective investors but want to continue the relationship as a consultant client because of our knowledge base and expertise.  Our Management Consulting division helps entrepreneurs initiate, develop and refine business strategies and align the company with the right organizational configuration (or re-configuration) to successfully implement the strategies.

We intentionally select very few consulting projects.  In fact, we are not interested in growing this division much beyond its present level so that we can give maximum value to the client without diluting our effectiveness or taking time away from our primary objective, which is to enhance our investment portfolio.  Most often, if we know of other consultants or entities that can assist you, we will refer you to them.  We are looking for projects that require out-of-the-box solutions to one-of-a-kind problems.  If that describes your situation, we’d most likely enjoy getting to know you better.

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